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Delivers Modular & Intelligent Selective Contaminant Removal Solution

PK Saltworks is thrilled to help clients lower installation costs, reduce operational costs, and future-proof their plants. This was recently demonstrated through delivery of a modular ‘plug and play’ digitized BrineRefine and XtremeUF system to a client in the Middle East. Integrated in a compact and fully automated plant, BrineRefine and XtremeUF enable Saltworks’ industrial clients to target ions of value or concern with substantially reduced waste.  


BrineRefine continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) modules are modernized chemical reaction systems with a higher degree of precision and control. They produce battery-grade lithium chemicals or selectively remove ions of concern such as metals, silica, calcium, sulfates, fluorides, and more. 

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Industrial Water + Lithium

ou can view the full announcement on our website and as always you can send us your lithium or industrial water project details for a swift, expert response.


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