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Sintered metal mesh filter basket strainer is mainly used for coarse f…



The flow direction is usually from inside to outside, thus the dirt / impurity can be strained in the sintered metal mesh basket and then be easily removed during maintenance or automatic backwashing. The basket strainer is absolutely cleanable and reusable.

As for piping system, strainers are of great importance to protect equipment, such as pumps, meters, valves, other mechanical parts etc. from potential damage due to impurity and other foreign particles carried by the process fluid (oil, water, etc).

Sintered wire mesh with perforated mettal sheet is the mostly used material for the filter basket strainer. As this Type C sintered mesh can be self-support and easily forming, and it can withstand higher pressure than ordinary dpot welded wire mesh. 

Because the mesh layers are merged and connected at each contact point, the sintered mesh filter basket is perfect to work in basket filter which is possibly with back pressure working condition. The mesh layer will not separate with the perforated tube when the flow reversed to out-to-inside.

Sintered metal mesh filter basket strainer with grip band laying down

Sintered metal mesh filter basket strainer with grip band

Dozens of sintered metal mesh filter basket strainers with hand grip bar for easy installation

Sintered metal mesh filter basket strainer with hand grip bar

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