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Seawater desalination equipment


Seawater desalination equipment used on land

Since general equipment of its kind installed on the land has a larger installation space than general ships/warships and is run by a less skilled operator, this product has secured reliability and durability features, designed to be relatively easy to operate and maintain.
This device is delivered with the standard specifications that can inform an operator of a fault status of the machine through voice output.




Feed pump

Deacidification filter

R/O High pressure Pump

Cleaning Filter

Master Control Panel

Multi Media Filter

Chemical Injection

R/O Membrane & Pressure Vessel

Cleaning Pump

Pump Controller

1st Micro Filter & 2nd Micro Filter

Supply Pump (Option)

High Pressure Piping

and Tubing

Cleaning Tank

TDS Meter

Heat Exchange (Option)

Automatic self voice diagonizer (Option)

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